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All Westie Rescue Inc. is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Adoption Application

Please note, people/households wanting to adopt from All Westie Rescue 


  • Be at least over 25 years of age

  • Have children over the age of 5 years old (terriers are bred to be quickly reactive & are likely to quickly react/be less tolerant towards things they don't like)

  • Not be full-time workers (a lot of our dogs come from people who are full-time workers & the dogs have learnt bad behaviours because of this)

  • Always have access freely to inside & outside of the your house (dogs that have previously been indoor dogs, are guaranteed to react negatively to being always kept outside, causing anti-social behaviour)

  • Have secure fencing (Westies love exploring & are renown to for not being reliably obedient)

  • Always sleep indoors at night time.

  • Not have cats. Westies are very prey driven & are therefor most likely to see cats as prey. Most Westies that are raised with cats, live happily together. However those who have not bee raised with cats, are more than likely to hunt (& quite possibly kill) a cat, than live happily together with it. So far, only 2% of the rescued Westies that have come into AWR's care, have previously lived with a cat. We will not risk the welfare of anyones beloved cat/s, to trial if one of our Westies is/or isn't suitable to live with. Therefore we do not rehouse our Westies to households where cats already live.

Once you have completed an application, due to the number of applications we receive, we will not contact you unless we have a rescue that is ready to go and we think is a suitable match. Applications are only valid for three months. 

We have so many people applying to adopt from us & sometimes, for some reason or another, they may change their thoughts (or situations), which leaves them no longer interested in adopting from us. This is why for your adoption application to stay on our waiting list, you must re-submit an application every 2-3 months.

Thank you

Adoption Application

Your Full Name:

Street Address:



Contact Phone Number:

Email Address:

Which dog are you interested in?

Do you work? If so, is it full time, part time, work from home?

Does your job require you to move or travel often?

Do you have any pets? If yes, state breed, age, sex & if desexed or not.

Where do your existing pets sleep?

Where will your new dog sleep?

How many people live in your house? If there are children, please state their ages.

Do you rent or own/buying your home?

Do you have secure fencing? How high?

Do you have a swimming pool, dam, pond or lake on your property?

If you go on holidays, what do you do with your pets?

Who will be the main caretaker of your new dog?

Who will be the main caretaker of your new dog?

Are you able to financially provide for your pets veterinary needs? Eg vaccinations, flea treatments, grooming, annual council registration, $1000 adoption fee etc.

Select an option

Please describe the type of diet your new dog will be on.

Will you new dog be allowed inside the house?

How often will you exercise your dog?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter or pound? If yes, please state the reason for surrender.

Please tell us about your current/previous pets?

Why do you want to adopt a rescue dog?

Under what circumstances would you give up your dog? For example a death in the family, barking, digging, cost, new baby etc.

Do you object to a house/yard check being done?

Select an option

Thank you for inquiring about adopting from All Westie Rescue.

When you press send, you are accepting that AWR reserves the right to refuse any application & that no reason will be entered into.

If accepted, you will be placed on AWR's waiting list & will hear from us ONLY when a suitable Westie becomes available for adoption.

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