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All Westie Rescue Inc.


One of our rescued Westies

All Westie Rescue is an independent group of volunteers, who genuinely care about the health and welfare of all Westies.

We are not associated with The West Highland White Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.

We re-house Westies that have been signed over to us. Once we have received the Westie in question, they are vet checked and then introduced to their foster home. For the next couple of days we assess what their temperament, needs, personality and what kind of living arrangement would suit them.

Our aim is to find a loving forever home for our Westies. It's essential that both new owner and Westie are compatible. Don't be surprised if you're on our waiting list for a while. We can assure you, that it's worth the wait.

It doesn’t matter what age or sex the adoptive Westie is, they stay in a home environment style foster care, until the right home is available for them. This may be found in a couple of days, weeks or even months. It doesn't matter what the waiting period, we do not euthanize any Westie waiting for a new home (unless deemed aggressive or too sick).

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