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Dogs In AWR Permanent Care

Updated: 2nd July 2022

All of our dogs in All Westie Rescue's Permanent Care program, are NOT available for adoption. They have certain issue/s that we've deemed it's not in their best interests to be adoptable & will stay in our care for the rest of their lives.  


16 year old female

West Highland White Terrier

Permanent Resident: Nessie originally came to us in 2013 & was soon adopted. Sadly in 2018 her owner passed away. She was adopted again by another loving owner, however he soon passed away too. When she eventually returned back to us, it was decided that Ness was happy where she was & so became our Club Westie retiree


14 year old male

West Highland White Terrier

Permanent Resident: Ned is our most mentally traumatised resident. He came to us in 2015 from a puppy farm & still to this day he holds an extreme fear of people. As he settled into life at Club Westie, it was decided that it would be too traumatic for him to be moved & likely undo a lot of behavioural rehabilitation that had been achieved.


10 year old female

West Highland White Terrier

Permanent Resident: In 2017 Ivy came to us from a pound, with badly infected skin & ears (which was suspected to be caused by garden poisoning & lack of grooming), along with anti-social behavioural issues. By the time Ivy had greatly improved, with her skin issues resolved & much more socially acceptable behaviour, she had become quite settled at Club Westie & bonded with other residents. We didn't want to jeopardise this now very settled little girl & so she become a permanent resident.

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