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All Westie Rescue Inc. is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Wanting To Adopt From All Westie Rescue

Our rescued Westies are only advertised for adoption, after we have sorted through the adoption applications that have already been sent into us. If we find that no one on our waiting list's situation is suitable for them, we will then advertise them for adoption here on our website & on our facebook page. 

If you are wishing to apply to adopt a dog from All Westie Rescue,

you must complete the adoption application. Once you have completed an application, due to the number of applications we receive, we will not contact you unless we have a rescue that is ready to go and we think is a suitable match. 

 Applications are only valid for three months. We have so many people applying to adopt from us & for some reason or another, they are no longer interested in adopting from us. This is why for your adoption application to stay on our waiting list, you must re-submit an application every 2-3 months.

 If you are considering adopting a dog from All Westie Rescue,

please feel free to read our AWR Adoption Contract so that you fully understand what is required. 

Other State Westie Rescues In Australia

West Highland White Terrier Club of Queensland

Rescue Coordinator: Amanda Cloughley


Mobile: 0428 722 577

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