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All Westie Rescue Inc. is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Other State Westie Rescues In Australia

West Highland White Terrier Club of Queensland

Rescue Coordinator: Amanda Cloughley


Mobile: 0428 722 577

West Highland White Terrier Club of New South Wales

Rescue Coordinator: Helen Leeson


Mobile: 0416245321

Westie Rescue Tasmania

Rescue Coordinators: Jane & Neil Collins


Mobile: 0413 946 773

Informative Westie Sites

Fellow Westie & Other Dog Rescue Sites

Beagle Rescue Victoria

Sanctuary on the Hill aka Saffron on the Hill (Pugs)

New Beginnings Animal Rescue

Pet Rescue An Australian pet adoption website

Dogs 4 Sale - Rescue Section

The very well established English Westie Rescue Scheme

Informative Links

Prisoners For Profit explains where pet shop puppies really come from.

Educating the public about Where Do Puppies Come From? Take action NOW join the RSPCA campaign to Close Puppy Factories

All Westie Rescue Is Supported By

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